i-Button 1990A driver recognition device. Price includes the reader

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Suitable for large vehicle fleets. It connects to the GPS tracker and is used to monitor access to the vehicles. Every driver has his own i-Button device to recognize his identity.



A driver changing vehicles should never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviors.
How It Works

  • Each driver gets a unique key fob, required for each journey.
  • A key reader to ID drivers is installed on the vehicle’s dash along with our GPS tracking unit.
  • When the vehicle is turned on, the driver presents the key fob into the key reade

iButton® is a computer chip embedded in 16mm stainless steel with unique serial number functioning as the unique i-button-Wire.

i button reader


By touching the device to the reader he sends through the GPS tracker a notification, notifying you immediately about the driver identity to your computer screen.



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