Teltonika FMB920 is compact and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated backup battery. FMB920 is designed for light vehicles tracking in applications like insurance telematics, rental cars, recovery of stolen cars, public safety services, delivery transport, taxi and much more. Inputs/outputs extend device usage scenarios. Digital input can be used for ignition, door or alarm button status monitoring. Vehicle remote immobilizing may be achieved using FMB920 digital output.



Τeltonika FMB920 is SPECIAL and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal high gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated high capacity backup battery. Device is designed to work longer without power supply. FMB920 with Li-ion battery can work up to 10 days in power saving mode. FMB920 is perfectly suitable for insurance telematics, delivery, trailers tracking, security & emergency services applications. Supported wide range of power supply (6-30V) makes FMB920 suitable for motorbikes, light vehicles, trucks, buses.





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New generation GSM/GNSS module

With new integrated GSM/GNSS module, your tracking experience will be better than ever before. Even higher sensitivity, faster than ever cold start and almost instant hot start ensures that your fleet will be tracked precisely.



Integrated Bluetooth® enables wireless headset and various other Bluetooth® devices connectivity. Make phone calls to your employee via Bluetooth® headset. No unauthorized calls anymore! Be sure that your employee is always safe and uses hands free headset instead of phone!


Integrated battery

High capacity internal Li-ion battery ensures long autonomous working hours, receive tracking data and warnings when main power source is disconnected.


Smart Crash detection

Ensure safety of your employee with smart Crash detection. Get alarm message immediately after accident, save workers life!

IP54 case

FMB920 features new case design which ensures increased protection against dust ingress and water splash from any direction. It is certified according IP54 protection class. FMB9 with IP54 case can be installed in machines with increased posibility of dust and water ingress.

FMB920 B6I801 package contains

  • FMB920 tracker
  • 128MB microSD card
  • Input/output power supply cable (0.7 m)

FMB920B6CU01 package contains

  • FMB9 tracker
  • Micro USB – USB cable (0.8 m)
  • 128MB microSD card
  • Input/output power supply cable (0.7 m)



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