It comes with free application on your mobile phone which can support and monitor simultaneously up to 4 tag i devices

Once a device I Tag removed from you more than 30 meters or lost the connection with your mobile phone will alarm striking on your phone

Indispensable device for parents whose children play on the playground because it now can be informed as soon as they stray from near ..

Suitable for all pets to not lose ever, indispensable device for your bag, your wallet or your suitcase when traveling to protect yourself once and for all by those skilled thieves.

lace the I tag to your keys to not forget or lose them again.
It has a range up to 30 meters in open space from your mobile phone.
Battery life “tag” 6 months

Pressing Bhutan since I tag you marked and record the point where you parked your car. photographers or remove from your mobile

With the purchase of anti-theft device “we tag” we give free application for your mobile phone for Bluetooth devices 4.0 version and later.


Click here to download the free app for android.
Click here to download the free app for iOS.

Supported Devices:Android , Apple IOS
Additional featuresTracking/alarm, smart reminder, mobile positioning .
Size :36*36*5.8mm
Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 4.0
Remind the way :LED , Buzzer
Alarm distance :50m
Color :black, white, green and hot pink
Supported Devices:Android , Apple IOS



What’s the feature of anti lost alarm?

1.Anti-Lost alarm tracer function, you don’t have to worry about lost your mobile phone anymore

2.Remote control shutter

3.Voice recording

4.Battery level, tap the battery level button to show the battery level

5.Bluetooth: V4.0

6.Working distance: 25m

7.Battery: CR 2032 lithium coin battery, last about half a year

What’s the description of anti lost alarm?

Find your lost items:
How many times have you spent precious time looking for your phone, wallet, bag or your pet, yet they are all so easy to misplace. Open the APP on your phone and “call” the tracker to flash or alarm, you can easily find them.
Call to find it:
Forgot where you the put your phone? Now you only press one button, the phone will ring and tell you where it is!

Personalized Reminder:
To give you the double protection, note the tracker and mobile phone will beep if the tracker is beyond the preset range.

Connection Remind:
When the mobile phone reconnects with the tracker, the phone will beep. When you’re waiting for your luggage in the airport, you can do anything you want while you’re waiting once your luggage appears, your phone will notify you.

Location Record:
The app will record the location information and mark on the inbuilt map where the tracker disconnected with your phone just follow the location and find it back.


Help to find:
Lost the connection with your belongings? Don’t worry our app will record the location, and all our app user scans functions will help to find it. When the user finds the missing item, the app will send the location information.


1. How far is the connection range between the phone and the patch?
it is approximately 30 meters

2. Does the tracker need charging or not?
No. The tracker use button battery, normal use could be maintained for about 8 months.
When the battery is low it will be prompted to replace the battery.
3. How to fix the tracker on items?
The patch can be hung on items, such as pet collars, loaded into bags, easily attached to thesurface of items with the help of 3M double-sided stickers which are not included in the product.

4. Can my tracker be used by other users?
You can log in the account with your Facebook or Twitter account.
To protect your privacy, we use encryption algorithms that can protect your tracker and can only
be used on your account. Unless you authorize someone else.

5. What is Network Searching?
When your items are missing, you can use APP in the “Lost statement” so all the other APP
users can help to find them. When they succeed in finding the items, the Location information will be sent to the owner of the phone, the owner can easily find the missing items.

6. Whether my personal information will be leaked, if I help other users to find things? It will not. When you help others, the cloud server will only send the GPS information to theowner of the phone, so the owner does not know who is the one who helped find it, it will not disclose any personal information.
7. How to activate the patch?
Put the patch close to the phone, open the APP, select the corresponding item or choose to
add items, according to APP tips, you can associate it with the phone.

8. Can Android version be used?
Yes, but you need your phone support from Bluetooth version 4.0, such as Android 4.3 version of
the Samsung GalaxyS3, and Samsung note2 or later models.

9. Any requirements for IPhone version?
It supports iPhone, IPhone 4S hardware or above, IOS 6 or the later software versions.
That’s means, it supports iPhone 4s,5,6 and iPad.


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