Mobile Application ” Aegean Yacht “

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The Application supports mobile devices with operating system Android Essential for those who deal with the Sea (captains and fishermen)

For navigation only the first time you open the application on your mobile phone or Tablet you need to have internet then navigate only with the GPS open and you do not need Internet.



With the Aegean Yacht app you can create a boat route for boat navigation. The application includes all Ports, Marines and Safe Ships with coordinates all over Greece.

Plan a route to the sea, showing you the total miles of the route and the remaining miles to the end.

You can measure distances in nautical miles from point to point

You can see the speed and direction you are navigating.

You can see which port or marina is near to you in case of emergency

To navigate only the first time you open the app on your mobile phone or Tablet you need to have internet then navigate only with GPS open and you do not need internet.

Ropes knots
Instructions on how to make the main knots necessary for the sea and land, photos show you how to do them step by step.

Create a route and drive by car in all Greek Ports and Marines by motorway. (G.P.S. & GPRS required)

Delightfully cool summer low-calorie cocktails.

Helpful fishing tips and fishing tips for amateur fishermen

Traditional Mediterranean seafood recipes.

weather forecast
It shows you the weather where you are and where you are going

first aid
Useful first aid tips for land and sea incidents. Hemorrhage fainting, trauma, Hypothermia, Heat stroke, Heat Exhaustion Ecuador, Loss.

Windsurfing & sea cruises.

Useful Information on Healthy Nutrition, Beauty Solutions to Key Problems Instructions on how to burn calories in summer. The benefits of summer fruit, how coffee affects our weight, how to keep your hair healthy in summer

Simple design of a sea voyage and navigation through your mobile by boat in all ports and marinas of Greece



Create a maritime course and navigate through your mobile by boat to all ports and marinas in Greece

Application you can find it in the  Play Store  for android


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