Mobile Application “Easy Phone Τracking”

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“Easy Phone Τracking” This is a revolutionary application that when installed in a mobile phone or tablet running Google Android you will be able to locate and track it on a 24 hour basis through the Internet.

Android ¨Secret Mobile Phone Tracking Android Tracker ”
An innovative application that turns an Android Smart phone or tablet with an Android operating system into a Gps tracker.
Download to the phone you want to track “Secret Mobile Phone Tracking”
Then we will give you passwords and you will be able to see in real time where you are, where you went, where you left off, and for how long, from your mobile phone or computer.
Price refers to an annual subscription per device

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Application for Android mobile phone ¨Easy Phone Τracking ”
It is an innovative application that converts an Android Smartphone in a perfect Gps tracking device tracker. It alerts you if it came from outside a particular geographical area you set eg home, school, neighborhood, parking, playground etc.

For companies

Necessary application for all corporate mobile phones. Employers will always know where their colleagues when they need them, they will know all the addresses visited as well as the entire history of trips made in recent months by selecting the date and time.

For family and young children
All the family members know where they are together every moment. Parents with small children will not have to worry because the following will constantly know where they are.

For elderly and disabled

An essential device for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, amnesia and generally in older people who live independently or solitary.

Hereinafter easily identified by their relatives and can help them effectively if necessary

Dangerous occupations

Suitable for people engaged in extreme sports and situations such as rescue teams, walkers climbers hereinafter can feel safe because they know they can find them in an emergency. With the application can then see where they are and to give instructions when necessary.

Proper application and for your car

Placing a mobile phone in your car and where you installed the tracking application can track 24 hours your car. You will be notified with an SMS when it is moved or when the geographical boundaries violated by you appoint to move.

By applying “Easyt Phone Τracking” you can check 24 hours: The position of the mobile phone Create groups To see the whole history of trips made for each mobile phone To see the speed that moves To set the sending time positioning Statistics and reports per device Do you define the areas that will move and when removed to alert you.

To upload photos from your mobile to the web application will know where he went, where they stopped and for how long. You can have the route representation to six months retroactively

Click here to download to your mobile phone application “Easy Phone Τracking” and then contact us to give you access to the web server

Click here to see the installation manual.


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