Our Company

Auto Leaders is a Greek Company of the few certified European Companies in the international standard Fleet Management System with Information Security System according to ISO 27001: 2013, Regulation 165/2011 and European Regulation 679/2016.
We invest in quality and develop on technology with innovative patented worldwide patents such as “Method emergency incidents through GPS Tracker» and “Method of monitoring by video camera and photo camera via GPS Tracker«, which only our company has the right use. Take advantage and made from modern technology and with the help of the innovative telematics service offering, increase profits and reduce your company’s expenses. Contact us to plan together a solution based on your personal needs.

The Auto Leaders provides you :

In Auto Leaders you will find the best tracking devices currently on the world market.

For this reason, beyond the warranty of two years accompanying all our products, your potential event of failure Replace your device with a new one within 24 hours.

The Companies have to adapt to the market needs and to offer the option for customers to try a product or service before you pay to see if it meets their needs.

We guarantee that we can offer comprehensive solutions to your needs.

Differentiate your competition and give you the opportunity to try out our service completely free without any commitment or obligation on your part

The aim of our business is the continuous development and its participation in developments in new technologies

Based on the needs of the modern era we have developed an innovative tracking application that is perhaps unique in the world market, which accepts all GPS Trackers devices marketed all over the world.

The application is compatible and works with all Web Browser and can be accessed by all mobile phones & tablets.

The expertise required for an integrated enterprise not usually confined to the knowledge of its staff but should provide to its customers and the proper equipment.

The years of experience enabled us to have designed the best technological infrastructure with backup servers that we guarantee continuous, uninterrupted flow of information 24 hours with speeds more of 100 mbs.

In our company we guarantee you will find the best prices than the competition

We offer a complete range of quality tracking devices at the best prices in the European market.

We are direct importers without intermediaries and offer the best devices and innovative location services at the lowest prices

All our applications are simple, easy to use, safe, with beautiful graphics.

Software localization is the most complete and most convenient market, it is simple and functional to use and suitable even in what novice Internet users.

Identifying become from your mobile phones as have applications for all operating systems of mobile phones and tablets

For to sell one company should be credible in the eyes of potential customers of both the service they receive, but also for the product you buy.

In Auto Our leaders can try our service for free for seven days and use our application even if you have already purchased it from your device.

You are not tracking device. No problem giving you free of charge a device for a week to see the many benefits you get, and then you decide whether to keep it.


Our human resources, has a rich experience, passion, dynamism and focus to the objectives assigned to it.

Suggestions and solutions

We offer complete solutions that meet all the special needs you might have to control everything remotely.


We build long-term stable business relationships of trust with our customers repaying their value with responsibility and commitment to their excellent service.


The company's technology has advanced to the elimination of our borders and use today in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America


We are near to the customer, even after sales response to the future of special needs to assist him directly


Placing your vehicles tracking devices will you reduce fuel consumption by 10% and increase the productivity of drivers and vendors by 17%