GPS Tracking

Your GPS Trackers devices are necessary why you will have

Fuel economy up to 20%

Increased productivity up to 92%

Your GPS Trackers devices are also necessary because you:

will always know where your vehicles and your colleagues
You will know in 24 hours all the routes and stops by the beginning of the shift by the end of
you know how many kilometers did your car
will know all the addresses stopped and for how long
you get your best car alarm system in case of theft you can stop it with a command from your computer
Why do you see the driving behavior of the driver guide (steep start – sudden braking – sharp turn
you will have numerous statistics and much more information that will help you control everything through your computer



Suitable device for parents who have young children as they may not always know where they are.

An essential device for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, amnesia and generally in older people living alone or solitary. Hereinafter easily identified and can help them effectively in an emergency


Waterproof devices ca boats and engines with internal antennas suitable to operate in outdoor and harsh environments.

With the device also can be informed about the driving behavior of drivers, such as the steep start – sudden braking sharp turn. With one command you can stop the vehicle at a distance