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We offer complete vehicle fleet management solutions with European tracking devices for vehicles, craft, airplanes, helicopters, as well as special high-tech applications to locate mobile phones.

We invested in quality and developed into technology with patented patented global patents and this has now helped us to operate in more than 18 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America

Auto Leaders is a Greek Company of the few certified European Companies in the international standard Fleet Management System with Information Security System according to ISO 27001: 2013, Regulation 165/2011 and European Regulation 679/2016.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet Managenet

Our applications are simple, easy to use, and secure with beautiful graphics that make them even more functional for the newest users. Manage everything via the Internet on a 24-hour basis from your office. Our application is probably the only one on the global market that can accept almost all the GPS Trackers that are available on the market.


Management of school vehicles

Auto Leaders offers the " Bus school Control" a complete solution for fleet management tracking and managing the school bus.

This service is suitable to help the school administration and parents to keep up-to-date with students


Why you need GPS Tracker

because surveys have shown that Businesses that have placed GPS Tracker in their vehicles,their drivers have increased their productivity
by 17% and having a fuel reduction of 10%. You will also always know where your vehicles and partners are.

We are whole world sales supplier of Teltonika devices , please request us an offer !

What we offer:



Our human resources, has a rich experience, passion, dynamism and focus on customer needs and always have a complete solution to recommend

Suggestions and solutions

We offer complete solutions that meet all the special needs you might have to control everything remotely.


We build long-term stable business relationships of trust with our customers repaying their value with responsibility and commitment to their excellent service.


The company's technology has advanced to the elimination of our borders and use today in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America


We are close to the customer, even after sales response to the future of special needs to assist him any time


Placing your vehicles tracking devices will you reduce fuel consumption by 10% and increase the productivity of drivers and vendors by 17%

Why the Auto leaders:

Countrys use our services
Years long experience
Our partners all over the world
Supported devices

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