Payment Methods

Payment Methods

By Credit Card

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges by credit (Visa, Paypal) or debit or prepaid card issuing of recognized Greek or foreign Bank, which accepts the COMPANY by transaction and payment is single.

The credit card charge made after verification and certification of data and the validity of approving and accepting the order placed by the COMPANY which involve the establishment of sales (costs can be then even and if any or some of the items are not readily available and must be ordered from suppliers). The customer is solely responsible for the proper recording and the truth of the credit card and the Company assumes no responsibility in case of error.

By Cash

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges with cash, payable at the Headquarters of the Company.

Cash on delivery

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges through COD by deliver only for the Greece delivery

In case the total purchase price (including shipping costs and expenses) an amount exceeding € 800 the Company has the discretion to ask for an advance of part of the price for the commencement of the sale or payment of cash in store or to customer’s credit card charge, and if the customer refuses to pay the amount of the prescribed deposit is entitled to refrain from starting implementation of its obligations from the sale until the customer to comply claim it. This applies in particular, but not limited to, in cases where one or more of the products sold need to be ordered from a supplier.

For all sales with payment of the price on delivery, confirmation and acceptance of the order It is as in all cases in writing (e-mail – e mail) but in this case, in addition becomes telephone confirmation directly with the customer. Also, if the market is being sought invoice (sales trader at) the delivery can not exceed the amount of 500 euro.

Bank Accounts :

EUROBANK: GR6102600410000030200576098  SWIFT/BIC:  ERBKGRAAXXX
Account: 0026.0041.03.0200576098

PIRAEUS BANK: GR5601722100005210088988429 SWIFT/BIC: PIRBGRAA
Account: 5210088988429

Account: 21100299391