Shipping Methods

Place and time of delivery

Accepted orders for deliveries only within the territorial domain of the Greek State. The orders are workable within eight hours (9: 00pm – 17: 00pm) except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. It is not excluded that consignment individual products of an order, if agreed with the client.

Delivery Methods – Charges

The deliverables on selling products and sent to the recipient that the customer has specified upon submission of the order, which has been accepted by the COMPANY. The Company will send the order by post or by courier or through its own distribution. General rule for deliveries within and outside Distribution Network Product order rejection right from the COMPANY

The Company is entitled to reject orders freely in areas not covered by the Distribution Network. General conditions on dispatch of goods and services The company reserves the right to modify the arrangements, terms and shipping rates at will and without notice being compelled to inform prospective customers for these changes to review these terms of use of the shop. Pickup from the office of the Company.

The Company provides the customer the ability to fetch sold through the online store of goods and services, when available, or from the registered office of the Company This feature is provided for receiving the same day if the species is available. In the event that a user makes abuse of this facility provided to him by the Company (eg repeated order items through the shop and not receiving them from the headquarters of the Company, the latter may repel and deny order. Responsible for the receipt by the customer

The removal in each case made by referring to the custom recipient as the demonstration of police identity or passport or generally public offer document for proof of identification. Deadline for fulfillment of the sale – delivery

The delivery time of products sold and services specified in the order subject to availability, confirm acceptance of the order placed by the COMPANY, and at most thirty (30) days from the time of the sale of training outside if there is a special agreement between the different parties confirmed in writing, by e-mail ..

In the event that such a time is not agreed and confirmed for any reason in the above manner, the delivery will be made within thirty ( 30) days of acceptance of the order and drawing the sale.

In case of extraordinary and unforeseen impediment that may be faced by the Company in delivering product / products, the latter shall be entitled to postpone only once the delivery of all or part of the sold products and services, with the written notice (e-mail message) to the customer (at the same time becomes telephone briefing), without altering the total waiting time, along with the postponement, the thirty (30) days from the time of approval of the order and the sales training. Otherwise in case of exceeding the period of thirty (30) days due to incapacity or inability COMPANY to make the delivery to the customer, then only the customer would be entitled if they so wish, to set a new second deadline for delivery in excess of thirty (30) days (such new deadline is not necessary if the Company refuses delivery in general, or if the delivery serve the customer’s interests only if it were the statutory period of thirty (30) days and had about the customer informed the Company). If not met and a further period to be determined by the customer, then the latter is entitled to terminate the contract of sale with respect to arrears species. The rest of the order is normally performed except if the items in the order are relevant will be used as a whole and are incidental to each other and the customer said that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve the needs or interests, so the Company is required to cancel the entire order.